20 FOR $20 SALE!

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20 FOR $20 SALE!

No shipping to Australia right now due to USPS temporarily suspending mail delivery due to Covid.


* GOOD NEWS! The note function should now be working! At checkout under discount you may put your request in the notes. You can still feel free to contact me over social media or email if preferred or if you need a bit more time to decide what you'd like to get.

20 available sketch cards available, pick any character and receive a 2.5x3.5" original sketch card! You can purchase more than one.

This is for a single character, basic color background. No detailed requests please but specific costume requests are fine.

Example: 90's Rogue costume or Infinity War movie Black Widow (a reference pic always helps if obscure!). If no specified costume is listed I'll pick whichever I'm in the mood for when I draw it! You can also choose a "subject/theme" Example: Burlesque, Bikini Pin-up, etc. And yes, I'll take nudie requests ;)

Shipping is $5, you can take one slot or multiple (Shipping only charged once).

This batch will be completed and mailed out by November 30th!